Tuesday, February 10, 2009

After Thought

Ever feel like an after thought? Lately I have been feeling more and more like one. Maybe it's because I am sick and I am not a good sick person. I am feeling snappy and cross. But back to the after thought. Have you ever been sitting there while people make plans around you and you finally get ask the question "Is that okay with you?" and you are like "What? I thought you were tallking about the kids or something." and then you are kind of in a tight spot. It refuse to go along will make you be the 'meanie' and if you agree, you are stuck doing things that you don't want to do. I am the totally after thought in my family-come on fam, don't deny it. I learned a long time ago to fight my battles. Which when I do, usually the people I am fighting are like 'Are you sick?' See what I mean. I am not allowed to act out of character. I'm the one that agrees with everyone and the one who will do things that no one else wants too. My opinion is asked last and it is just assumed that I will do it. I have a hard time with this because that my ideas are usually left back burner until someone else has the same idea I had three months ago. Then I hear about how so and so said this and it is so great. Then I point out that I said the same thing months ago. 'No you didn't' 'Yes I did' No, I would have remembered' 'No you just don't listen to me.' It's like my voice is set on mute. People see my lips moving but no sound is coming out. So I am formal protesting for the After Thoughts! Let our voices be turned on! Is that okay?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Early Valentine's Day

I have to work at the theater on Valentine's day, so Cory and I decided to do it a week early. He gave me my present early, because we have a hard time not giving what we got each other right away. He gave me this really awesome necklace. It has a heart shaped stone. The stone at first looks black, but as the light changes, you can see a rainbow of colors. I love it a lot. I on the other hand got him quanitity again. I got him three DVDs, popcorn and other treats. We watched one of the movies on Saturday. It was called the High and the Mighty and starred John Wayne. It wasn't either of us was expecting. More of a drama. It was still very good. We went to lunch at Hollowmoon Cafe and it was not crowded at all. When we went home, I decided to wear all my "pretty nightgowns" the rest of the day. When I say all, it is because they had a bad habit of not staying on. I happened to get sick, so that kinda through some better plans out the window, but we still had fun together and really that's what is all about, right? Happy Valentine's Day to couples everywhere! and to the still singles out there-Happy Single Awareness Day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Girls Day Out

On saturday morning; Bev, Kamie and I all went to Provo to celebrate Kamie's birthday which was on Sunday. I was feeling sick and sore before Bev came and got me and the car ride was not fun(get car sick) But just hanging out with them again was totally worth it. See before we all got married we used to work at Stewart's Market together in Roosevelt. We became really close friends and would go out with each other all the time. These are the kind of friends that you miss when you aren't around them and even if you don't do anything with them for months on end, they are still there for you. Then Bev and Kamie got engaged and I quit Stewart's and we did less with each other. We still hung out together, but it was harder because Kamie's guy did not like me or my family very much. So a lot of times we would plan something and then at the last minute she would back out. I figured it was her guy finding out that I was going and wouldn't let her come. Honestly don't know if it was true or not, but that's how I felt. Then they both got married, and Bev moved to Salt Lake(okay it was Bountiful). We still did things together, but it ususally centered around birthdays and Harry Potter movies(okay Bev and me have seen every harry potter movie together but the first two) And I hardly saw Kamie at all and we lived in the same town. Then last year, I got engaged and married, Bev moved back home and Kamie kicked her guy to the curb. We were like we can do more things together yeah!!! That isn't what happened.If you know me, you know that I am not the best keeper upper. So Bev called me a week ago to ask what we were going to do with Kamie for her birthday. We throw around ideas, disguarding them. then we hit on a fact. Bev and I were married and Kamie was not. I so totaly remember feeing the fifth wheel, so we decided to ditch the husbands(sorry, honey-Love you!) Then the plan began to take shape. Kamie likes shopping, let's go shopping. Let's go to Park City outlets, how about Provo Mall(okay it's acutally the mall on Universarty, and I had a motive-Pretzel maker's pretzel bites). When we stopped to get Kamie and I saw how happy she was, if I was dying, legs cut off, whatever I was glad we decided to go. We talked all the way in to Provo-if you know me, then you know that this is quite the thing, I usually sleep. We talked about family, friends, dating, husbands, jobs, ect. It was great to catch up. We got to the mall, and guess what the first thing we buy is? Pretzel bites. We looked at shops, bought stuff. Totally rocked Kamie's world by having her make a bear at Build a Bear. We ate at a Chinese Buffet and then we went to Cosco. It's evil there! It was sample day! Really, we had just as much fun there as we did at the mall. I bought myself a magic bullet blender. The box is so pretty. I can't wait to use it. Smoothies, here I come. Then we headed home. Again we talked about a variety of things. One thing we decided was to try to make girls day/night/morning/afternoon/whatever out a monthly thing at least. So we are going to try. Wish us luck.