Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Update

Okay, so I said that I would write book reviews when I got finished reading them. Since my last post, I have read over ten different books. I am currently finishing book 2 of the 100 Cupboards series by N.D. Wilson. It is great read so far and I just found out that book 3 was just released in January. As this is an update, I am going to let you know what has happened these last few months.
In October we had a Halloween party. It was really fun to have family and friends over. We mixed potion drinks, watched movies, and carved pumpkins. At the end of the month I got my 30th Birthday present. Cory took me out to eat and have a fun weekend. Cory's grandma Bullock was rushed to the hospital and we spent a lot of time there. But we couldn't stay at the hospital, so in between visits we went and saw some movies and did some shopping.
Grandma Bullock passed away in early November. It was bittersweet because we got to see Cory's parents and brother, but we lost her. It was a really nice funeral with Cory's dad giving a talk and Cory's mom singing a song at the services.
The week after the funeral, we got down to cutting wood. We had not really started because it seemed that every weekend in October was full. We cut for about fifteen minutes before we realised that we needed a new chain. So we went to the store. As we left the store, it started to snow. So we called in back up to help. Christian and JR came to our rescue(bribe-movie tickets) About thirty minutes after we finished, the snow stopped. New Moon opened on the 21st and I got to be the projectionist for all the extra shows we ran. It was a lot of fun and the movie was really good. I did all our Christmas shopping on line and got some good deals.
In December, Cory was really busy with FedEx. He usually didn't get home until 7pm. For our Christmas present we decided to get a wii and a couple of games. We really like it. Cory's parents had to come up to help divide Grandma Bullock's Estate. So we got to see them again. It was great Christmas. We got to see Sherlock Holmes and Avatar(3 times) We loved the shows.
In January, we worked and played. I gave Cory his new year's resolution. He needs to buy me a gift every month. I thought it was a great one. He bought me pearls and a teddy bear for January. We started two projects. One for each of us. Cory is cataloging the DVDs and I am going through cookbook. Cory is up to the I's and I have gone through every cookbook and marked the recipes I want to try. I have now completed 5 cookbooks and have about 10 to go. We are trying to eat a little healthier and exercise more. We have found that you can play the xbox 360 while walking on the tread mill. Cory didn't even notice he had been walking for an hour and a half until the machine shut off. He can also work on wii fit and I can walk and watch him. I also got to watch at the theaters-The Blindside, Extraorindary Measures, and Alvin and The Chipmunks 2 in January. They were great movies.
In February, we are excited to celebrate Valentine's day. Also to see the Percy Jackson Movie.
We are doing good. We love you. We'll keep you posted!