Friday, April 10, 2009

Bashing On

Okay, lately there has been a lot of bashing on the Twilight Series. Some people not getting it and others just bashing it because it is popular. Now this happen back with Harry Potter too. What I have to say is that if you are not into the fantasy genre, that's fine. Don't read the books or watch the movies and if getting into a conversation about them, let people know that you just are not interested in that kind of thing. It's a lot better than tearing down someone else's feelings about things. And you didn't have to lie. The draw for the Twilight series is multible. Adults will see things different then teens and vice versa. What drew me? The girl that didn't have high self esteem, and a boy that cared for her. Everyone is looking for love. It took me 28 years to find it. Well, the romantic love, not just loving. I had a lot to love-family, friends, actors, ect. But finding that other love is hard and some times it takes a long time. Some people try on new partners frequently and others not. I am not a girly girl. In fact, I seem to be missing some things. I don't wear make up(okay, there are a few occasion, but someone has to help me.) I am only really interested in clothes to cover my body and flirting goes over my head(much to my husband's dismay sometimes) So really this series is about finding love, accepting people for who they are. Learning to love your self and accept your self. Knowing that you are worth while. In today's world, everyone(media) wants perfection. A lot of girls and women have a hard time living up to that. We are just looking for something to give us hope. If you don't want to watch or read about that, then don't. Just please don't bash it in front of me. Thanks