Friday, May 1, 2009

April Showers bring May flowers, and what did the May flowers bring?

Okay, I know it's now offically June, but I wanted to update April and May. April began with my best friend's birthday. I had thought of several things to do-go: to the movies, make a trip to SLC, ect. What did we end up doing? Sitting in the car in front of Walmart and talking for three hours! Yes, I am a lame friend. Once I get going I can't stop. I blame it on the blood. Not only am I half german, but part spanish, part scottish and a lot of other parts I don't know. I think I have every fierce blooded people in my ancestarty line. Also the most talkiative. Most party like. Most likely to fight just for fun. Yeah, if I have kids, they are totally screwed up. Luckily my husband is mostly English, so they will love dogs and horses too. Okay, can you see now why we were in the car for three hours? I kind of ramble a lot. Back to the update. I did eventually feed her. I also invited her to come see Race to Witch Mountain, my treat. Bev, her husband Marc, Cory and Cory's brother Kyle all came to see the movie. I had to work, but a benefit to being the projectionst is that I can sit in and watch movies too. Next came Cory getting really sick again. Same thing-pneumonia. I was scared enough that I took him to the ER. They gave him a shot in the butt(is it wrong to be so amused by this?) and other drugs. He is better now. My brother Alex and his family moved to New Mexico because of his job. We are and will miss them. We finished watching my series pick-Star Trek Voyager. His pick? Kyle XY. I really loved it, though we have to wait for season three. We are bummed because season 3 is the last of it. I get the next pick, what can I torture my husband with now? In May, we started the Drive In. It's a lot of work, but I love it so. Callie, one of the drive in veterans got to paint the drive in. Guess what colors we picked? Tree frog green and a simply red. They look fab under the special lights we have to use. We are trying for a retro feel. I think it looks awesome. We have three veteran drive in workers: me at four years, Cory at one and Callie at one. We also have candy girls -Melissa and Leesa that are pretty much full time at the drive in this summer who have worked pervious summers. We seven new workers. They are all pretty awesome but by golly, it's hard training so many at once. May also brought mother's day, which was very bitersweet for me. I lost our baby in Decemeber through a miscarriage. So all the mother's day stuff was kinda sad. I would have been eight months pregnant. We got a couple of visitors in May. It started off with Cory's mom(Marsha), followed by his friends Jared and Olivia and later Tracy, Jewell and Tyler(I hope I got that right, If not, I am so sorrry) We had a lot of good talks and in the case of Jared and Olivia-I held them hostage for like eight hours(see beinging to understand) Cory also started a new job this month that he loves. He is a Flaming Gorge Dam Tour guide. Yes, I make the jokes too. Cory is being a good sport about it, I think he thinks evenually I'll get tired of it. Not happening anytime soon. He got a third job to get his car fixed. He has to drive to Dutch John for the job, so I have taken to riding my dad's bike home from work. Let me be honest, first day I thought I was going to die. From my parents to my house is about seven miles with a big hill. The second and third day I road from Fedex terminal to my parent's house(which about 3.5 miles). My buttom was totally rebeling. I ride it about two to three days a week, depending on where Cory is working. I have to say thank goodness for my Ipod shuffle. It keeps me going. Cory's birthday was at the end of May. What practical gift did he get from me? A scabbard for his Gandalf sword. For those that don't know, my husband is a sword fighter. In fact he and his friends get together for mock battles from time to time. Our front room has quite a few swords on display(and this are the show ones, not the ones he fights with) If you like swords, come over to our house and we will show you a lot. I also got him a really cool Eagle statue from Cabala's. We decided to get a pool this summer for our back yard. We figured in gas, time and the expense of going to the pool to just getting one. It's a 18x48 pool and it's great, unless you count that Cory went swimming without sunscreen and burned his shoulders and then had a very bad reaction to the pure aloe gel he bought. That was scary. So we are still around, just working hard.