Thursday, March 5, 2009

San Antonio Trip

Well, we are back from our trip. We went to San Antonio, Texas for Cory's dad's retirement ceremony. We left Tuesday night for Salt Lake(Lehi, whatever) because our flight was at 9:30 in the morning and we were told to be there two hours before our flight. Cory got his Cinnabon and then he hunted down some pecan bites for me(thank you love!). We flew with his brother(Kyle) and his grandmother(Grandma Bullock). his parents were at the airport to get us and we go to see their new home. Later that day, we went to the Wildlife Ranch. It was a lot of fun and there they encourage you to feed the animals. Thursday was the day of the ceremony for Brian's retirement. It was really cool. Afterwards we just hung out at the house. We had a BBQ(we were in Texas). The sister missionaries came over to eat with us. On Friday, we went to the River walk. We took a boat tour around the river walk, ate at a Mexican restaurant and visited the Alamo. Cory was a little upset because people were treating it as a tourist attraction instead of the tomb/monument that it is. Saturday we went to Sea World. We got to feed the Dolphins! I think that was Cory's favorite part. He had one wanting to be rubbed all over. When we got back to Salt Lake, we stayed the night at the Anniversary Inn. Our room was call the Capitol Retreat. We loved it. It had a hidden room behind a bookcase(it goes to the bathroom), various things to explore, a jette tub. I picked the room because Cory loves history and we could watch a themed movie with it. We watched National Treasure. It was a great trip, now we just need to get Cory over being sick.