Monday, September 21, 2009

The Buzz

Last friday Cory had a day off. Since it would be the only one for the next couple of weeks, he wanted a honey do list(really, he asked for one) to work on. So I wrote down several things that need to get done and went to work. He then told me to take his gameboy and game so he wouldn't be tempted to just play. As I am pulling out of the yard, he is then trying to talk his way back into getting his game. The first thing on the list was mowing the lawn and cleaning up the yard for winter. I go to work and get a garbled message at about noon. It was from Cory and I couldn't understand him. I thought he was pranking me. So about half an hour, he calls back. I can understand him this time. He asked me to come home because he was hurt. So the bad wife that I am, I immediately think that he is trying to get his game back, so I told him that I would get there as soon as I finished at mom's. I hang up and talked to mom as I am finishing up. She agrees to let me go. I then start to worry that this is not a prank. I leave to go home. I get home and I smell that kind of campfire woody smell. I go in the house and it is stronger. I follow it to our bathroom and there is Cory with his face in the shower head. His face was burnt. Apparently when he was mowing the lawn, he went to move the burn barrel away to mow that area. In the barrel he noticed wasps. So he decided to burn them quickly out. He got newspaper and gas and put it in the barrel. He couldn't find the matches so he used a lighter. It caused a flash fire. He immediately went inside to cool it down. He has a small burn on his wrist, the hair on his right arm was burned off, luckily no burns on the rest of the arm. His neck got hit as well as his chin, lips, nose, cheeks, eyelids. His eyebrows, eyelashes and about an inch into his hairline. He spent the rest of the day in our bedroom with the a/c running at full blast. He had to wrap up in blankets to keep the rest of him from freezing. On Saturday we went to walmart to get his haircut. Want to know something funny? He got a Buzz cut. He's doing okay, but his poor face looks so sore.

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